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Interview with high-end characters: the love of an entrepreneur.

Interview with high-end characters: the love of an entrepreneur.

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(Summary description)Came to Xutai, Mr. Zheng had already greeted our arrival downstairs. Zheng was always from Shangrao, Jiangxi Province. He came to Ningbo in 2007 and founded Ningbo Xutai Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.

Interview with high-end characters: the love of an entrepreneur.

(Summary description)Came to Xutai, Mr. Zheng had already greeted our arrival downstairs. Zheng was always from Shangrao, Jiangxi Province. He came to Ningbo in 2007 and founded Ningbo Xutai Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.

  • Categories:Company news
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  • Time of issue:2015-07-22 17:27
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The love and blame of an entrepreneur
Interview with Ningbo Zhengtai Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. Zheng Zhenghong
Came to Xutai, Mr. Zheng had already greeted our arrival downstairs. Zheng was always from Shangrao, Jiangxi Province. He came to Ningbo in 2007 and founded Ningbo Xutai Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.
Mr. Zheng had a fairly stable job. He has achieved an unattainable position for mainland employees in a Taiwan-funded company. However, for the sake of a friend's affection, he resigned from the sea and set up a rubber company in Shenzhen with friends.
Started from zero, to annual sales of 12 million, 80 employees, more than 120 stable customers, Mr. Zheng only spent two and a half years, although his friends contributed funds, but he paid is bitter and sweat. When he first started, there was nothing. Mr. Zheng could only live in a small hotel with a family of three. In order to save some expenses for the factory, he offered to pay only a thousand yuan a month. In Shenzhen, a thousand dollars, we can imagine that most of the expenses in daily life must be borne by the wife. In the mind of President Zheng, he and his friends were already partners, but they never thought that after two and a half years, President Zheng was left. It turned out that my friend just wanted to use his original experience and contacts accumulated in Taiwanese companies.
Although was left, President Zheng laughed and said that he had gained a lot. With the experience of operating a factory independently, it was much easier for him to re-establish a business. President Zheng therefore understood what is called business rules, which has a profound impact on his future. He smiled and said, "Since then, I will make clear everything in front of the gong and face everything else, and will not make my partners feel half wronged."
Father's love
In 2007, President Zheng sent his son to his father, and his wife came to Ningbo, and co-founded Ningbo Xutai Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. with several friends.
Since then, his son has become a left-behind child.
In the interview, Zheng took out his mobile phone to show us his son's picture, and the bright and sincere smile was exactly the same as President Zheng. "His clothes were bought by Tmall. I took a picture and showed it to me." Mr. Zheng said triumphantly. President Zheng's son is not like most rich second generation, he will save the New Year's money, not more than 150 yuan to buy clothes.
Although the son is not around, the communication with the son has not been less, and the father and son often talk on the phone. Mr. Zheng's work confusion, or the grandiose great idea, he first shared and communicated with his son.
The slow son also learned from him what responsibility is and how to bear it.
Under our modern education system, many parents believe that they must maintain their great image of parents, and try to hide their children when they encounter any difficulties, so that they do not know that they have encountered something that cannot be solved. This approach is actually wrong. The education of a child should let him know the current status of society and the achievements and pressure of his parents, so that he can cherish what he has and learn from his parents. That tenacious and valuable quality.
"My son is about to take the college entrance examination this year. In any case, I will put down my work to accompany him next few days in the college entrance examination. My son said he would try to enter the university near Ningbo and hope to be close to me and my mother. Some. "Mr. Zheng's words revealed an apology for his son.
Zheng once inadvertently asked who he worshipped while chatting with his son. The son replied without consideration: "It's you." This surprised President Zheng. He immediately asked again: "Isn't it a hero? When I was a kid, I worshipped Dong Cunrui." He looked at him repeatedly: "It's you."
Zheng Zheng said: "Educating children is the same as doing business. A good way is to be a model."
President Zheng is usually filial to his father. His father had Alzheimer's disease in his later years and often blamed his children for no reason. Instead of showing boredom, President Zheng smiled and coaxed his father like a kid. General Manager Zheng said: "Father was a little confused because he was ill, so he would blame us. Now he can blame us as our blessing, at least he is still with us."
So, when is inheritance? Inheritance is to show him.
In the past, Jin Guo popularized a bad habit of talking about pomp and ostentatiousness. Jin Wengong took the lead to correct it with a simple and frugal style. He never wore expensive silk fabrics when wearing clothes, and never ate more than two kinds of meat when eating. . Soon after, the Jin people all wore coarse agricultural clothes and ate brown rice. As the so-called up and down effect. Whether it is a boss or a dad, President Zheng has always been a good example. He has no bad habits, and even as a Chinese boss, he can't even understand mahjong tiles.
President Zheng once left the company he founded because of his friend's betrayal. But does one's betrayal mean that other friends are not worthy of trust? Of course not.
In 2007, President Zheng was able to come to Ningbo because he once again believed in the friendship of his friends. The three partners of Xutai are all colleagues that Mr. Zheng had previously worked with. He has accumulated profound friendship and understanding for many years of work. And the previous injury made Zheng more understand the power of trust.
No matter what you do, you must have the ability to be trusted. Although it is only a small business, from this point, no matter how big it is in the future, you can fall into no business judgment, you can fall on poor management, you can fall on competition but others are eaten up by others, but you cannot fall In being distrusted by others.
Because of this, President Zheng bravely shouldered his responsibilities and missions, and he was determined to run the enterprise well, which pushed him to move forward courageously. He would use his performance to give back to the friendship and trust of the partners. This responsibility and mission led Mr. Zheng to focus on data growth in the first few years. However, he paid too much attention to the growth of data, so that he neglected the construction of corporate culture and the cultivation of employees' overall skills and qualities. Also because of the determination to make a good decision, and Mr. Zheng ’s innate character that takes care of everything for others, he will go wherever he has difficulties, employees will be responsive, and anyone who has a problem ca n’t solve it. , A group has problems to find the scene of President Zheng. Many jobs that should not have been directly under the command of President Zheng have turned into the work of President Zheng alone.
There was a time when even the salary slips from the financial department had to be pushed to General Manager Zheng for checking. There are so many people in the enterprise, there are those who ask for leave, some are late, and some have overtime. How can Mr. Zheng check? No way, Mr. Zheng has to take the pay slip home to his wife.
Mrs. Zheng's wife is a good assistant to start a business with him. He is a salesman in the company. He also has a lot of things to manage. Every month before the salary is paid, Mrs. Zheng is very anxious. Those non-standard data It's really a headache.
This state continued until 2011, President Zheng was aware that the company's performance suddenly no longer increased, and terrible is showing a downward trend.
President Zheng was lost in thought.
Mr. Zheng, who calmed down, began to think about the main purpose of Xutai? After careful consideration, Mr. Zheng believes that when a customer buys your product, the price level will be forgotten over time, but if your product quality No, customers will remember and spread it. On the surface, the success of an enterprise is manifested in good benefits, many orders, and high customer satisfaction, but in the final analysis, this success is inseparable from people, the synchronization of the values ​​of the elite team, and employee recognition of the enterprise is the cornerstone of the enterprise Employees do not agree with the company, the products they make may be good? Talent is the core of the company, if you do not solve the problem of good people, Xutai may be killed.
He began to reflect on how to bring these people well? Was the original nanny-style management method a great love for employees? No, President Zheng found that he was wrong. He thought about the education of his son. I can let it go regardless of his son. As long as he is a good self, he is a good example. Does n’t his son grow up very well? He knows how to take responsibility and what is responsibility. diligent.
Lao Zi said in the thirty-seventh chapter of Tao Te Ching that "Dao often does nothing but does nothing". If the way of educating sons is grafted into the management of enterprises, is it not the high realm that the management community emphasizes-governance by doing nothing?
President Zheng invited a consulting company to build a learning organization. Straighten the management process first, then standardize personnel management, and ask the teacher to design a "functional matrix", which combines the horizontal and vertical relationships of the enterprise, and staffing for specific tasks, the better the individual advantages are exerted. When everyone is studying in the same environment, it is not the relationship between the leader and subordinates, but the classmates. Everyone receives the same education and the same environment, which not only benefits colleagues. The unity between the two has formed an atmosphere of comparison, learning, rushing, helping, and striving within.
What are the taboos of doing business? Impetuousness, impetuousness will lead to quick success and easy profits, and it is easy for enterprises to go astray. This time, President Zheng only did one thing, that is, concentrate on being a student.
Lao Tzu said: "I do nothing, and the people self-modify; I am quiet, and the people self-righteous; I have nothing to do, and the people self-rich; I have no desire, and the people self-pure" A team is more effective than pressure management. Slowly, General Manager Zheng found that the team was changing, there were processes and standards, everyone worked according to the rules, and after decentralization, the sense of responsibility of employees was also cultivated.
General Manager Zheng said: "I am not good at using any management methods. I will only do one thing, that is to be a good example. I feel that through my actions to guide the team to grow, let go of it and let them alone To deal with it, the team can be the only one. All are strong and strong, and the better the enterprise will develop. However, where do they all come from? They are all practiced. If you do n’t let them go and try, how can you practice? What is your skill? I think that only letting the team grow is the big love for them. "(This article is" Management Practice "2015.07; 129 issue of" High-end Interview "Full Text Reprint)



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