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Stay in peace and think of danger -- the survival of the company is like sailing against the current, and the way to survive is to go all out

Continuous innovation - sticking to the rules is no different from seeking a sword in the face of adversity. The current advantages will soon be surpassed or even eliminated. Success comes from continuous innovation attempts and efforts. Without innovation, the biggest failure in business operation.

Delivery guarantee, quality first - the customer is the team's food and clothing parents, our integrity to customers, this is our only feedback to customers

Being diligent and thrifty - working hard can make up for our lack of intelligence. We belong to the traditional manufacturing industry with low profit. It's much easier to save 100 yuan reasonably than to do 1000 yuan more sales. Cost control in operation is the most direct way to improve the net profit margin. Selling price cost = profit. If you want to increase profit, you have to reduce cost.


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